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1778 McCarthy Blvd.
CA 95035 Milpitas
United States
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Joining Together To Make Home Control A Reality

 The Z-Wave Alliance is an open consortium of over 160 manufacturers who create products and services based on Z-Wave, the standard in wireless control.
 The Z-Wave Alliance membership is comprised of industry leaders from across the entire spectrum of the home controls market. They share a common consensus and a common goal -- to provide advanced yet practical systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, safety and security.
 Z-Wave products and applications fall into every conceivable area of control for residential and light commercial environments. These include lighting, HVAC and security control, as well as home theaters, automated window treatments, pool and spa controls, garage and access controls and more. Z-Wave is also at the forefront of green energy conservation technologies, allowing automated meter readings and enhanced demand management.
 Each Z-Wave product must pass a stringent conformance test to assure that it meets the Z-Wave standard for complete interoperability with all other devices and controls. The Z-Wave identity mark assures consumers, integrators, dealers and manufacturers that their products will reliably perform with any other Z-Wave device.
 For more information on the Z-Wave Alliance and how membership can benefit your company, please explore our site.


Z-Wave Alliance
Z-Wave Alliance
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